My Business of Story podcast series with Robert McKee happens to coincide with a new article in Speaker, the National Speakers Association’s magazine, where McKee talks about bringing the power of storytelling to presentations. It’s an excellent read for anyone who wants to own the room and motivate audiences to action.

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In today’s podcast, McKee talks about the need for business leaders to think like authors.

“A great leader sees the physical conflict, social conflict, personal conflict, and recognizes the unconscious forces – positive or negative – that are moving his company forward or backward, that are underneath everything and only that executive can see. They organize their company as if they are writing a novel, and they see the conflict on these levels and they see the desire that the company has. Has the company lost it’s desire? Are there forces of antagonism that have greater desire than the company? Is the company still a protagonists, is it still it’s own hero? Is it still driving toward something or is it just sitting still, like it can’t get off the sofa?”

“A great leader can look at the totality of not just the company but the environment: is it helping or impinging on the company? And make decisions based upon this vast story that they compose out of the totality of their company and its context in the world down to the subconscious world and make decision based upon wisdom.”

You can learn how to think like an author in business from the story master himself, Robert McKee, during his Story in Business seminar coming September 26 in Los Angeles.