If you have the word green in your name, do whatever it takes to remove it. Unless you’re Greenpeace, of course. They’ve got the cajones to back it up.

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Derrick Mains invited me on his his Triple Bottom Line radio show today, and we had a gas (Not the carbon kind) exploring ways to tell your organization’s story around its sustainability. Green marketing and selling your sustainability initiatives like a glossy consumer product does not work. Instead, you need to embrace the consumer on their turf and invite them into your story by taking authentic action.

5 Highlights from the show include:

  1. Create story genres, consistent with your brands, that resonate with everyone from your core customers to your skeptical colleagues to your demanding shareholders
  2. Stop proclaiming and start educating on and encourage authentic action with celebrated outcomes to advance behavior change
  3. My photo of a river fractal over, ironically, Northern Arizona

    Be funny, interesting, intriguing and outrageous

  4. Think of ways to transition your “green” story from sustainability to longevity
  5. Understand the principle of the “Practical Fractal” concept as it relates to the human experience (More on this in my next post)

Derrick asked me what 2013 holds for green marketing? I don’t think it holds a lot. We need to change our stories to ignite authentic action with our brands, celebrate the measurable outcomes, and share these individual journeys with the world. We need to evolve from green marketing, through stories of sustainability, to journeys of longevity.

What’s your story for 2013?