I had the honor to be included in a series of marketing interviews hosted by Matthew Scott with Feed The Agency, a marketing firm in Solano Beach, CA, that specializes in health care marketing.

By watching this interview physicians will:

  1. Discover the impact of compelling brand storytelling on your practice
  2. Learn how doing good in the world is your best marketing
  3. Explore 3 case studies that any physician serving women can learn to build a community around a shared experience
  4. Learn what you can do to reignite the growth of your practice by reviewing the rebranding of a struggling community clinic into a leader in sustainable health care
  5. Weigh Park’s advice on how reluctant physicians can implement compliant social media practices

I’ve added the above links to give you a deeper dive into the subjects that I cover in the interview. Let me know what I missed, or what is working for you.