Cecil B. DeMilleMichele and I were in Hollywood over the Father’s Day weekend to celebrate the premieres of two short films created by our son. We stayed at the Historic Hollywood Hotel, which in addition to being around the corner from Paramount Studios is also friggin’ haunted. I can attest to that.

I’m a sucker for studio tours, because I love to see how the ingenuity and creativity comes together to produce the movies we love. So we spent a couple of hours on Saturday touring Paramount. On our ticket was the above quote by Cecil B. DeMille that I think is as apropos for the business world as it is for the movie business.

Today, I am happy to launch the first podcast in my series of 10 interviews with legendary screen writing coach Robert McKee. I’m calling every Monday for the next 10 weeks, “McKee Monday – The Business of Storytelling.” He will share with you his insights on how business leaders can use storytelling to ignite the growth of people and organizations.

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In our first interview, you’ll learn how McKee became one of the most sought after screenwriting coaches and story doctors for film studios around the world. And he will discuss the difference between the fictional stories we all enjoy and the purpose told story that businesses need to tell to propel their missions.

Robert McKee is hosting a one-day Story for Business seminar in Los Angeles on September 26. I highly recommend it for business leaders who want to learn how to nudge the world in any direction they choose with the power of storytelling.