Click logo to take the “Got Green?” green marketing challenge

Are you a green marketer who has considered using the call-to-action, “Got Green?”

Are you a sustainable company that put the word “Green” in your name, and if so, do you have the cojones of Greenpeace to back it up?

Are you guilty of “Green Corn?” It’s a symptom of trite green marketing that appears in visuals for sustainability, like Mother Earth glistening in a water drop, cupped in hands, or twinkling in a child’s eye.

Do you give in to “Carbon Fetish?” That’s when you talk about carbon anything at a cocktail party, church gathering or during sex.

If you suffer from these, or any one of the other seven “Got Green?” cliches in our green marketing challenge, then you know you need help. But it’s ok. You’re not alone.

The entire sustainability industry is still in its infancy, which often leads to infantile marketing. It’s human nature to gravitate to the same trivial messaging every other green pioneer is using because it’s easy and we feel it’s accepted. But this practice ultimately camouflages the true differentiator of your green brand. Which, ironically, is a practice that doesn’t promote sustainability.

Take the challenge. Share it in your circles and compare your scores with others. Then rise up and challenge yourself to start telling compelling stories about sustainability that are unique, engaging, and will truly move the needle.