The heros in our new 30 second TV spots for Goodwill of Central Arizona are people donating their clothing and household items. We follow their journeys navigating the many tempting options to dispose of their goods, including the convenience of throwing them away or dumping them in curbside donations bins – many owned by questionable for-profit entities that take your items out of state.

Our first spot follows a boy as he finds a new home for his Teddy Bear. The second spot features empty-nesting parents as they collect the items from their grown daughter’s room and relive the memories. Michele and I can especially relate to the second spot, having two of our three kids now on their own.

The theme throughout is that you have choices when giving away your clothing and household items, and we’re hoping you will choose to donate them to a nonprofit that will put them to good use helping others. Obviously, we would like your story to conclude at Goodwill.

Did you know that 90 cents of every dollar worth of items you donate to Goodwill funds workforce development programs that help put people to work in your community?

We’re also pleased that the print portion of this campaign is featured on Ads of the World.

What is your Goodwill journey? What treasure have you found and what have you donated to help put people back to work?