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#430: Ch. 8, Victory: How to Celebrate Wins on the Customer Journey From Brand Awareness to Appreciation

#430: Ch. 8, Victory: How to Celebrate Wins on the Customer Journey From Brand Awareness to Appreciation

When I teach the Story Cycle System™ through my Business of Story mastery course, I ask my participants to define their ideal outcome from a sale presentation, ad campaign, social post, podcast, etc.

Their answers are always the same. They want to hit home runs in the form of a signed purchase order, new customer, viral engagement, etc.

I agree. These are awesome outcomes.

But not realistic most of the time because people are often not ready to buy immediately unless you show up selling a fire extinguisher to a driver whose RV is on fire alongside the road.

My recommendation is to focus on the singles; those small victories that you can celebrate with your prospect along the customer journey of…

  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Brand Adoption
  3. Brand Appreciation

In our last show, Chapter 7 of Brand Bewitchery called “Journey,” you learned how to use our AAA (Awareness, Adoption, Appreciation) customer journey map and more importantly, what stories to tell in each act based on your nine one-word descriptors from Chapter 6 called “Mentor”.

Now, how do you design in small milestones of success along your audience’s journey so that you can celebrate these small victories with them along the way?

It’s important because this is where true trust is built and brand bonding truly takes off.

In this episode on Chapter 8, Victory, will show you how to design customer victories to payoff your stories big time.

Discussed in this episode:

  1. Why scenes sell and how to orchestrate them for success.
  2. The amazing Pret Auto Partez story and how their customer success milestones made them the fastest-growing car dealership in Quebec.
  3. How to celebrate success milestones to grow customer engagement.
  4. Crafting victories during the brand awareness, adoption and appreciation customer journey.


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