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#426: Ch. 5, Antagonists: How to Capitalize on Competitive Forces

#426: Ch. 5, Antagonists: How to Capitalize on Competitive Forces

You know what it’s like.

When you want something, the universe tends to punch you in the nose just to see how badly you really want it.

You can fear and flee the antagonistic forces that are out to thwart your brand, like aggressive competition, your blind spots, and gaps in your performance.

I call these your villains, fog and crevasses.

In chapter 5 of Brand Bewitchery, we put your unique value proposition to the test by showing you how to embrace your obstacles and antagonists and turn their energy in your favor.

You will not only identify these competitive forces that you help your customers overcome but you will also apply the same outing process to the villains, fog and crevasses that confront you personally and your brand professionally.

I’ll show you how…

Discussed in this episode:

  1. How to embrace your competitive antagonists to propel your story forward.
  2. Why you must find the hurt, amplify the pain and heal the wound.
  3. Identify the villains, fog and crevasses you’re up against and how to effectively deal with them.
  4. Learn from the Avantpage case story.


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