Joelle Prochera

#455: Is Magic Real? Coincidence, Serendipity, Synchronicity & Storytelling

#455: Is Magic Real? Coincidence, Serendipity, Synchronicity & Storytelling

Coincidences. Serendipity. Déjà vu.

We’ve all experienced these surprising, sometimes unsettling occurrences where perhaps the universe is trying to tell us something.

Trying to show us the way forward. It almost feels like magic at times.

But is magic real in our life or do you just consider this stuff woo-woo? And if you do discount these random acts of synchronicity, what might you be missing out on?

Joelle Prochera, Master Coach to Fortune 500 executives and the self-described Messenger of Magic has been paying attention to the coincidences in her life and has been keeping a serendipity log for decades.

She says that when you truly pay attention to these chance encounters they can excite and even sometimes unnerve you. But, these chance encounters can also show you the natural way forward in your career and life.

Since 2002, Joelle has coached thousands of business leaders, entrepreneurs, and seekers all around the world to achieve their most essential goals and dreams.

She is a global speaker, and award-winning writer who is on a mission to open people to life’s magic and help them follow their own unique path to happiness, fulfillment, and flow.

She’s served as mentor-coach to over 100 of the top executive coaches in the world, coached leaders at over a dozen Fortune 500 companies including Lululemon, Facebook (Meta), Apple, Deloitte, Indeed, ADP, and CISCO to name a few.

Today we’ll explore if magic is real. She believes that here is an underlying order to the universe that you can learn to notice, work with, and move within for a better life.

She explains why your focus is your future. Your attention and intentional thoughts create the story you live into in very practical as well as magical ways.

And that your dreams are yours for a reason. Discover them. Claim them. Live into them.

Discussed in this episode:

  1. Magic is the visible residue of the underlying order of the universe.
  2. Paying attention to synchronicities and serendipities can lead to new opportunities and experiences.
  3. Giving oneself permission to dream and pursue what they truly want is essential for accessing the energy of magic.
  4. Designing serendipity involves being present, taking inspired action, and appreciating the joyful journey. 
  5. Understanding the magic behind storytelling and conversations is essential for creating impact.
  6. Taking the time to be present and appreciate life can lead to personal growth and fulfillment.
  7. Magic can be incorporated into coaching approaches to amplify the results.


  • 00:00 Introduction and Whale Watching Experience
  • 02:27 The Power of Storytelling and Skepticism
  • 05:12 Discovering the Concept of Magic
  • 07:31 Defining Magic and the Visible Residue of the Universe
  • 09:05 The Beginning of the Shift to Magic is Real
  • 12:30 Magic in Ontological Coaching
  • 13:47 Permission to Dream and Pursue What You Want
  • 16:43 Designing Serendipity and Being Present
  • 19:58 The Universe’s Anonymous Coincidences
  • 22:42 Jeff’s Journey and Finding Purpose
  • 28:28 Experiencing Magic in Coaching
  • 34:09 Designing Serendipity and Being Present
  • 38:45 Embracing the Magic is Real Brand Positioning
  • 44:45 The Power of Magic and the Serendipity Log
  • 45:15 Special Giveaway: Serendipity Log and Coaching Session
  • 46:49 The Magic of Conversations
  • 47:05 Understanding the Magic
  • 47:32 Being Present and Appreciating Life
  • 47:45 Conclusion and Future Collaboration


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