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#390: How to Generate Strategically Creative Brand Stories

How to Generate Strategically Creative Brand Stories

You know how important it is to come up with brilliant ideas and the stories to communicate them to grow your business. You’ve tried countless ideation methods to keep those ideas flowing.

But nothing seems to work consistently. It’s frustrating.

Perhaps the 3G process of Goal, Gap and Gain might be your answer.

I found this three-step ideation process intriguing because the goal/gap/gain method is another example of the tripartite structure of storytelling. Like the ABT (And, But, Therefore). Setup/Problem/Resolution. Our brain LOVES this structure to ideas and the stories that communicate them.

On today’s show, you’ll learn how to put the 3G ideation process to work for you from its creator.


Robin Landa is a distinguished professor at Kean University and a globally recognized ideation expert. Robin is a best-selling author of 25 books on creativity, branding, advertising, and design including her new book, The New Art of Ideas: Unlock Your Creative Potential and Strategic Creativity: A Business Field Guide to Advertising, Branding and Design.

Robin believes that people share brand stories that resonate with them.

Most often, it happens because there was an insight into the target audience that hit or a relevant cultural moment. An effective insight might rely on a convergence of factors about the audience, brand, and the brand story itself: psychological factors, motivational and behavioral characteristics of the user, positive or negative effect elicited by campaigns, and levels of consumer involvement, among other factors.
Stories land in culture and…

  • The media must find them newsworthy (think Good Humor’s new jingle)
  • Start conversations or amplify current conversations (think Nike’s “Dream Crazy”)
  • Change conversations (think Dove “Real Beauty”)
  • Are authentic to the brand’s values and mission (think Patagonia or Ben & Jerry’s)
  • People participate with them (think Wendy’s in Fortnite or on Twitter )

So settle in and join Robin Landa and me on this Holiday edition of the Business of Story.

Discussed in this episode:

  • How to use the 3G ideation process to create consistently better ideas.
  • Examples of the Goal/Gap/Gain process at work.
  • Creating share-worthy ideas.
  • The “What’s in it for me?” focus on ideas and stories.


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