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#449: How to Use Fusion Points to Overcome Sales Objections With Your Stories

#449: How to Use Fusion Points to Overcome Sales Objections With Your Stories

One of the most exciting moments in business is when you land that big client or ideal customer.

But you typically have to go through a ton of rejection for every one win.

If you know that discouraging feeling, then you’re in the right place because we have Jeff West with us today.

Jeff has created the concept of Fusion Points™ where you tap into the intersection of emotion and logic.

He says Fusion Points are powerful for motivating yourself through tough times that all salespeople experience. Plus, they’re a great way to connect deeply with your prospects and customers as you understand their Fusion Points that move them to action.

For over 30 years, Jeff has coached and led sales teams in multiple industries and was among the top sales performers and leaders in the nation including field sales management with the Fortune 500® insurance company, Aflac.

In addition to co-authoring Streetwise to Saleswise, he also wrote two multi-award-winning sales parables, The Unexpected Tour Guide and Said the Lady with the Blue Hair, coauthored with Lisa Wilber.

Jeff has been on numerous national and international podcasts and has been a quoted source for publications such as Sales and Marketing Management Magazine, the National Federation of Independent Business, and Peak Sales Recruiting.

You can download the first two chapters of, “Streetwise to Saleswise” by going to streetwisetosaleswise.com and, if they so desire, order their copy there. Every copy of “Streetwise to Saleswise” comes with a link, giving them a VIP bonus: a three-part video series where Bob and Jeff give training on working with objections. It is called “How to Master the Art of Becoming ObjectionProof™.”

Discussed in this episode:

  1. Fusion Points are moments where logic and positive emotion merge to create commitment and energy.
  2. How to turn a “gate-keeper”, who keeps salespeople out, into a “key-holder” who unlocks the kingdom for you.
  3. Storytelling is an effective way to create Fusion Points and build relationships with prospects.
  4. To create Fusion Points, salespeople should focus on the prospect’s value and ask the right questions to understand their needs.
  5. Overcoming objections involves controlling emotions, asking questions to understand the objection, empathizing with the prospect, and reframing the objection as a possible solution.
  6. Curiosity and active listening are key in discovering and addressing objections.


  • 00:00 Introduction and Book Overview
  • 06:23 Using Parables in Sales Training
  • 10:14 Understanding Fusion Points
  • 19:18 Framework for Creating Fusion Points
  • 24:58 Overcoming Objections and Building Relationships
  • 30:54 Finding Personal Fusion Points
  • 35:17 Curiosity and Discovery in Overcoming Objections
  • 43:19 Connecting with Prospects
  • 46:50 The Evolution of a Salesperson
  • 51:28 Where to Learn More and Get the Book
  • 53:45 The Story of Meeting Bob Berg


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