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#276: How to Tell Your Story on LinkedIn

#276: How to Tell Your Story on LinkedIn

Are your LinkedIn efforts falling flat? You might be feeling as if your sales posts promoting your business come off as a little “spammy” in the feed. Or like many of us, you’ve probably noticed the uptick of unsolicited sales messages on LinkedIn, too.

But, what if there is a way you could spend less time and be exponentially more successful on LinkedIn? The solution exists – and it’s uncovered in today’s episode.

In this week’s episode, I have a LinkedIn storytelling expert to help you shape and share your brand stories on business’s most prolific and influential platform. Glenn Marvin is the founder of Konnector, a digital marketing coaching firm in Auckland, NZ, and he’s here to share exactly how to tell your small business brand story on LinkedIn to build your influence and business.

Discussed in this Episode

  • The three areas on LinkedIn that you should care the most about with your brand storytelling
  • The four different kinds of posts you should have in your content repertoire and how to vary their use for the biggest impact
  • The ABT narrative framework and how to use it in your “about” section on LinkedIn to attract clients/customers and create credibility
  • How you can use storytelling to not only correct your mistakes but increase loyalty and satisfaction
  • Why you must repel the many to attract the few

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