You can now listen to Wednesday’s, “Your Triple Bottom Line” show


I shared my green marketing ideas on “Sustainable Storytelling” over the airwaves as a guest on the radio show, “Your Triple Bottom Line.” Show hosts Angelo Fernando and Derrick Mains, CEO of Green Nurture, and I announced the launch of a unique partnership between and the Water – Use It Wisely conservation campaign.

We discussed proven ways to engage your employees through sustainable storytelling, coupled with the Green Nurture online platform to encourage behavior change.

Seven storytelling strategies on “Your Triple Bottom Line”

  1. Water Tip #37 Print AdThe Water – Use It Wisely campaign is based on environmental triggers. What are “environmental triggers,” and how do they work?
    “The importance of triggers in your green marketing”
  2. What is the “Three Sunflower” analogy for green marketers in identifying and targeting your audiences when promoting environmental behavior change?
    “How sustainable is your sustainability message?”
  3. What motivates people to make a behavior change more: Because it’s good for the environment or because it’s convenient and easy?
    “The surprising story behind what motivates us.”
  4. Why is it important to speak to a person’s level of “Greenness” to promote behavior change?
    “How well do you know the ‘greenness’ of your customer?”
  5. Why is storytelling so important to changing behavior?
    “Are you a green marketing weirdo trying to change the behavior of normal people?”
  6. How do you make water conservation and other eco-actions personal inside your organization?
    “Feeling all green and tingly inside: How to promote your corporate sustainability initiative internally.”
  7. How to give your water conservation and environmental initiatives handles?
    “Sustainable green marketing isn’t about creating ad campaigns. It’s about igniting movements.”

Donna DiFrancesco, Water Conservation Specialist for the City of Mesa, AZ, is also featured on the show and covered the operational ways businesses can save water.

Derrick Mains said of the water conservation partnership,

greennurture“Water is one of the most overused resources, and it’s costing businesses millions of dollars a year. Thanks to the Water-Use It Wisely campaign over the last ten years, people have become much more water-conscious in their homes. Now it’s time to extend that mentality to the workplace.  This partnership gives GreenNurture an intelligent, effective way to bring important information to our customers about water conservation and adds yet another layer to the Water-Use It Wisely mission.”

You can listen to the show now and call into future shows with questions toll free at 866-536-1100. You can also Tweet your questions to @your3bl.

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