fat-tire-smI love to be surprised by clever green advertising in surprising places. That’s why I’m raising a frosty golden mug to New Belgium Brewing.

They created this wonderful beer coaster/postcard that just happened to be under the beer I was sipping with my new son-in-law KC, at Newport Pizza in Ocean Beach, California.

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I had no idea the brewers of Fat Tire beer were so steeped in sustainability. The coaster got me to their website, which informed me about all of their green ventures, right down to being completely wind powered.

What I liked the most though was the time and care they spent creating the coaster. Most marketers would look right past what appears to be a pretty basic bar item. Not New Belgium. They exploited it as a wonderful table-top billboard that spoke as much about the company’s brand personality and mission, as it does to raise awareness for wind power and other renewable energies.

The terrific copy on the back describes their “Follyosophy”:

Follow your folly? But isn’t a folly a lack of good sense; a foolish act or idea? Au contraire we say at New Belgium. Folly is freeing. A folly laughs at the status quo, protests mediocrity, sings in the blind alley and celebrates the wild hare. It’s relevant irreverence. It’s living like there is a tomorrow.

Our Folly is Beer. Really good beer. Our folly is also a near-constant tinkering with our company practices to make them more sustainble. Employee-owned since 1996. Wind powered since 1998. Striving to honor nature at every turn of the brewery. Tastes great, Less Landfilling.


fat-tireDefinitely check out their website above. It’s a beautiful extension of their green campaign and branding.

New Belgium Brewing represents the kinds of clients we like to work with, and the kind of company consumers should applaud.

Three cheers to you Fat Tire folks.