For nearly a decade, our big, red ampersand billiard ball on the side of our building has become a bit of a landmark at the corner of 44th Street and Indian School Road in Phoenix, Arizona.

That’s good. But what we heard from most people who pass through this highly trafficked neighborhood was this:


“Ohhh, you’re an ad agency. I’ve always wondered what you did.”

That’s bad. Especially for, well, an ad agency.

Better brand storytelling in the most obvious place

So we changed that with the simplest of solutions. We added 11 choice words as window decals that describe what we do. The idea is to intrigue passersby to learn more about Park&Co.


The power of a few choice words

Not only do we see people stop and read through all of the words, but we’ve added a new tenant to our creative campus who was lured in by the “energy” expressed by the storytelling nouns. We’ve seen a dramatic uptick in traffic to our website as people and prospects want to learn more about Park&Co. And even the grandmother of our son’s best friend asked what was up with our modifiers.

Tickled by an unexpected benefit

With words like, “Storyteller,” “Composer,” “Poet,” and “Alchemist,” our idea was to beckon the outside world into our story. We didn’t think about our internal audience. Park&Co’s talented art director shared that we are all naturally working harder to live up to these monickers.

It’s amazing how many stories you’ll find in our single-level building.

What’s your story?