The web has made everything so free and easy.

You can crowdsource free ideas.

Crowdfund free investment.

Build a free social media empire.

Even build your own website. For free!

But as we all know, nothing is free in life. You’re paying for it somewhere: in site usability, downtime, uninspired design, lack of conversions, etc.

The bigger problem with free is that it casts a long shadow of unrealistic expectations over the real business of developing a website and digital presence that ignite growth of your enterprise.

Here are 6 of the most prevalent digital myths that we encounter:

  1. It’s easy
  2. The digital process is the same as traditional advertising & design
  3. You have full control
  4. Anyone can do it
  5. If you build it they will come
  6. Responsive design solves all challenges

Debunking of these myths are featured in this eBook now available for your FREE download.

Isn’t that easy?