Pete Walsh, Master Certified Coach

My friend, Pete Walsh, is plagued with an occasionally wicked slice from his left-handed golf swing. Yet, it never gets him down. He has the mental tools and insight to work on his weaknesses in the fairway, while accentuating his strengths around the green.

He’s a competitor.

The best thing about Pete? No matter how far he cranks it out-of-bounds, he’s always having fun and looking forward to the opportunity that comes with his next shot.

This is not only how he takes on coaching in the business world, it’s how he approaches life.

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Pete is a master certified coach, and he brings the same discipline demonstrated in every winning sports team to his clients’ offices. He’s worked with Park&Co for several years, coaching everyone from our front office person, to me. He makes me a better person, player AND coach to my people.

When I blow it, he’ll come in and say, “I’ve got to punch you in the nose on that one, pal. What were you thinking?” Then he helps me find positive ways to fix my swing and holds my feet to the fire to be accountable to myself and to my team.

The foundation of his corproate coaching is his proprietary P.A.C.E program, which stands for:

  • Percieved need: Unearthing the gap in behavior that needs to be closed or corrected
  • Analysis: Understanding how the behavior impacts both the person and the organization and how it might be remedied
  • Commitment: Making a commitment and being accountable for your change
  • Execution: Taking action and being there as a coach to cheer on your employee at the finish line

I’m proud of Pete, because in celebrating his 10th anniversary in business, he is sharing his program in his new book, “Coach to Win the Leadership Game,” Accelerate team development and inspire accountability to win in the marketplace.

I loved the “20 Traits of a Coaching Leader” he outlines in his book, and the practical ways he applies proven coaching techniques to win in business.

You can buy Pete’s book on, or contact Pete at You might not want any of his golfing tips, but he’ll definitely improve your game in business, and in life.

Congratulations, Pete.