THE most powerful brand strategy in green marketing is not  found in what you say, but in what you do!

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Goodwill International’s new “Donate Movement” is a model of online efficiency for consumer engagement. “Waste not, want not.”

They don’t doddle around trying to explain their differentiation over other important “green” causes and sustainability programs that compete for your attention. The “D Movement” website involves you immediately by enabling you to donate and recycle NOW!

Goodwill’s new “D Movement” is a partnership with Levi Strauss to make donating a more conscious decision. Their plan is to make the “D” the universal symbol for donating, like the recycling logo is to recycling. Would you really expect anything less from America’s first real recycler?

Recycle & donate

You always hear about “Search optimized” websites. Goodwill has “People optimized” this site.

For starters, you can quickly see the impact your donations have with Goodwill’s Donation Impact Calculator prominently featured on its homepage. The three pair of jeans I just donated to Goodwill of Central Arizona will support 34 minutes of on-the-job training. The two jackets I’m not going to need in our 112 degree weather just bought 1.2 hours of training. What do you think one lamp is worth in training?

Goodwill’s Thrifty Social Media Strategy Includes:

  • Goodwill makes it easy to “Like” the Donation Impact Calculator by locating the Facebook “thumbs up” button as part of the calculator’s interface.
  • The site uses Google maps to help you quickly find your nearest Goodwill donation center.
  • A live Twitter feed captures on-going chatter about the campaign.
  • A real-time digital counter tells you the poundage of usable items being saved from landfills.
  • Picture 4You’re encouraged to show your support by adding the donate button to your Twitter and Facebook profile photos through the use of Twibbon. They pay you back with immediate gratification as you pop up as a “Recent supporter” on their site. Great engagement tool that compounds the reach of their campaign. Smart!
  • Goodwill invites you to join their blogger network. They request a post about why you donate, and ask that you include their donate button on your site. I’m joining, are you?
  • Make a commitment to de-clutter… and donate your gently used clothing and household items to Goodwill a few times this year,” is their last call-to-action in the support section on the Donate Movement site.

Goodwill & Levi’s Nifty WOM Promotion

caretag1All great green marketers know that a sustainable word-of-mouth marketing strategy happens both online and off. That’s why I love what Levis is doing with the campaign right in their britches.

They’ve created a care label that tells you how to have the least impact on the planet with the washing of your jeans. The final tip is to donate your Levi jeans to Goodwill when no longer needed.



What the “D Movement” means by the numbers:

  1. Goodwill diverts some two billions pound of useful product from landfills each year.
  2. The revenue generating through the resale of donated items helped 1.9 million people in a variety of industries in 2009.

What do you think?