Toward the end of my storytelling workshop at Seed Spot, an incubator for early stage social entrepreneurs in Phoenix, AZ, Brett Heising rolled in. Literally. Brett is confined to a wheel chair, but that appears to be about the only thing that restricts this entrepreneur.

Last year, he had a problem with hotel accommodations in San Francisco. Instead of whining about it, he spotted an opportunity to help other disabled travelers, while holding hotels accountable, and pounced.

He created, which vets and shares accessible hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues. It’s essentially Yelp for the disabled.

Brett asked me if I could help him with his story, and he sent me a link to his Indiegogo campaign. Judging by this excellent video, I don’t think he needs my help. He has all of the elements of great storytelling down, from his personal motivation to create, to how it works and the impact it will have in users’ lives. Nice use of the hero’s journey.

I admire Brett and the other young social entrepreneurs in the room earlier this week at Seed Spot. They are the next generation of change agents, and they have the courage to follow their bliss.

Checkout Brett’s Indiegogo campaign, and make a contribution if you share his vision.