The Melody, Harmony and Rhythm of Your Storytelling Matters

You know the feeling you get when reading, watching or hearing a story that simply flows.

Its meter and rhythm lilt you along.

Words harmonize illuminating ideas.

The melody plays out in its central theme.

My favorite example of musically-driven storytelling is Miloš Forman’s movie Amadeus. He so marvelously marries Mozart’s music with the script feeling as if the movie is a sonata playing out for you.

My favorite scene is when the antagonist, Antonio Salieri, secretly reviews Mozart’s original hand-inked scores. As he’s reading the music you hear it playing in his head.


Astonished by its brilliance, Salieri hastily turns to the next piece as if he’s looking for flops among the compositions. The music abruptly changes to the next score, but each reveals its own inspiration. You experience a beautiful melody, harmony and rhythm to the scene.

Your Business Storytelling Can Have the Same Impact

Recently, I had the honor of hosting Grammy Artist Freddie Ravel on the Business of Story podcast. I use for my show, but we had technical difficulties at the beginning of our session so we jumped over to ZOOM.

And I’m glad we did! Because we captured our conversation on video and I am eager to share it with you.

As the founder of Life In TuneTM, Freddie directed the band that bridged black and white America – Earth, Wind and Fire – joined Madonna on the silver screen, rocked stadiums with Carlos Santana, performed the Grammys with Prince, cut tracks with Kanye and led the teams behind Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Deepak Chopra, J Lo and Lady GaGa to become the expert’s expert on successful multi-cultural and generational integration through the world’s oldest and undisputed international language of music.

Dubbed the “Keynote Maestro” by the City of Los Angeles, his clients include the likes of IBM, NASA and Google calling his “ideal balance of Entertainment and Content” essential for transforming conflict to high-performance collaboration and beyond.

Freddie shares with you the power of melody, harmony and rhythm – and the importance of space between your notes – in your business storytelling.

Listen to Freddie’s episode