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#440: How to Heat Up Your Cold Calls With the Superpower of Storytelling

#440: How to Heat Up Your Cold Calls With the Superpower of Storytelling

Who adores cold calling?

Not me!

But what if we had a proven way to connect with that cold prospect to heat up their emotional center?

It’d probably make sales a lot easier AND even more comfortable for you cold sales callers.

We talk all of the time about how emotion can move people when they can picture the positive outcome.

We’ve proven this works in storytelling, especially when you build your stories on the chassis of the ABT (And, But. Therefore) agile narrative framework.

It works because the ABT uses the three forces of storytelling including agreement, contradiction & consequence. Our primal pattern-seeking, problem-solving, decision-making buying Limbic brain appears to love this three-act structure to story because it easily orchestrates meaning, evening with the most complex sales messages.

I have spent well over a dedicate researching how our brain is a story processor, not a logic process, as American social psychologist Jonathan Haidt so aptly describes us storytelling apes.

You can see my research for yourself in my curated library of storytelling resources.

Today’s guest, Justin Michael, has found similar findings of how “Our brain yields helplessly to the pull of story,” according to another brilliant storyteller, Jonathan Gottschall.

But his work is in cold calling emails and even phone calls.

Justin is the author of the new book, Sales Superpowers: A New Outbound Operating System to Drive Explosive Pipeline Growth.

He has driven over 1B in pipeline revenue for 200+ startups he’s advised and over 25K sales reps, 1K of which he’s personally coached. As an Ex-Salesforce and LinkedIn revenue generator, Justin is the global authority on AI-based outbound prospecting alongside legends like Aaron Ross, Josh Braun, and Mark Roberge.

Justin is also the bestselling author of Tech-Powered Sales, which proved that over 75% of the top of the funnel can be automated by raising your technology quotient (TQ).

Discussed in this episode:

  1. How to craft powerful openings as Justin believes your opening is the new close
  2. How to use storytelling to trigger the Limbic buying brain.
  3. Why all top sales winners are first and foremost disruptive to warm up their cold calling prospects.


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