All Compelling Leadership Storytelling, Keynotes, Marketing Campaigns and Sales Presentations Begin With This One Story Framework

I’ve been practicing business storytelling for 35+ years and it has led my clients to many great successes.

But I only really started studying how story works around 2004.

What I learned evolved me from an intuitive to an intentional storyteller.

From winging it to winning with it!

I started with the complex, mapping Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey to business with the Story Cycle System™.

I even published a book, Brand Bewitchery, last year to show you how to use the Story Cycle. Some have used it to grow their business by as much as 600%.

But it can be complex.

The 10-step Story Cycle System™ led me to the easier 5 primal elements of a short story you can tell for big impact.

I’m talking about an anecdote that you can tell in under 60 seconds to make your business point.

Then, in 2013, I met Dr. Randy Olson who introduced me to the ABT (And, But, Therefore) foundational narrative framework.

I realized that this is where all storytelling starts.

You must master the ABT to build your narrative intuition. Set up/problem/resolution. The three-act story structure that our cause-and-effect, pattern-seeking, loop-closing brain craves.

Now I consult, teach, coach and speak on the power of story exactly backward from how I learned it.

Simple > complex.

I’m proud to have joined Randy in co-authoring our new book, The Narrative Gym for Business. This short 75-page guide will teach you everything you need to know about crafting ABTs for your business communications.

It literally takes about 90 minutes to read and it can profoundly change the way you communicate for the better

Use the ABT for all of your business storytelling and communications to…

  • Write emails that trigger responses and stop being ghosted.
  • Punch up your presentations so you command your audience’s attention from the start.
  • Connect with the primal part of your prospect’s brain where all of their real buying decisions are being made.
  • Bridge the gap between marketing’s hyperbole and the sales messaging you actually need.
  • Make your content marketing convert with messages that are easy to “get.”
    Focus your brand story on a differentiator your customers care about.
  • Focus your brand story on a differentiator your customers care about.
  • Use the ABT as a remarkable listening device to build trust through understanding and empathizing with your customer.
  • OWN any room with more confident, clear and compelling communications.
  • Get your kid to eat their peas.

I wish I had learned about the ABT in the 3rd grade. It’s the single most powerful communications tool I’ve come across in my three (ok, almost four) decade career in branding, sales and marketing.

I want you to have it too.

Snatch your print or Kindle copy now on Amazon. Oh, and I have a favor to ask. Please leave a rating and review. It helps us be found in the Amazon jungle.

Hey, I also have a companion online course to The Narrative Gym for Business called The ABTs of Selling™. In just 18 minutes through three short videos by me, I’ll show you how to put this messaging marvel to work for you.