I found this loaded gun in my medicine cabinet last night.

This morning I went to Walgreens to dispose of it. I was surprised that one of America’s largest drug retailers didn’t happily take this old bottle of hydrocodone off my hands. Instead, they sold me this $4 mailer to send my prescription to an environmentally friendly disposal operation.


Seems to me Walgreens is missing a BIG opportunity here. Michele and I have been working with the Pathway Drug Treatment Program in Gilbert, AZ, and I was surprised (Really, just naive) to learn how the fires of so many young people’s addictions to painkillers are fanned through their parent’s medicine cabinets. If you don’t need it, dispose of it properly. Now! If you do need the prescription – like hydrocodone, oxycotin, and percocet – keep your drugs under lock and key.

Having painkillers lingering around your home is like a loaded and cocked pistol in your nightstand. Please share this with your peeps, and let’s all disarm our medicine cabinets.