Nodari was finishing my haircut the other day at V’s, when he said we was going to leave the back a little longer. “What? A little longer?” I asked.

“You know, because of your friggin’ huge cowlick,” he blurted with a hint of Bulshevik impatience,

His indignance at my lack of grasping the obvious made me chuckle. Then I thought about the perfectly quaffed hair-do he had just created. From the front and sides it makes me look more respectable. From the back, my cowlick gleefully swirls like the self-centered follicle vortex it is.

As Nordari ended my grooming by smothering my face, and almost me, with a hot towel, I considered the cowlick. It is a wonderful metaphor for people in this world who actually make a difference. You can be disruptive without being disagreeable, and you will add way more interest to the end product.

Tell me below about your latest cowlick adventure that has made life a bit better.