Is your most powerful brand story asset buried beneath the rubble?

Michele and I spent Easter weekend in the rubble at Jacumba Hot Springs.

Last fall, our daughter Corbin and her business partners purchased what amounts to Schitt’s Creek on the border of east San Diego County.

They are renovating the hotel, restaurant and bar inspired by Moroccan retreats. They are also turning an old filling station into a coffee shop and will refurbish the main street.

It’s going to be beautiful reclaiming a hopping stop on Highway 80 before Interstate 8 bypassed the town.

Their work reminds me of what Stephanie Stuckey is doing with her family’s Stuckey’s Corporation brand.

Her interstate was a big corporation that bought Stuckey’s and paved over the family brand bypassing the heritage that made it a special stop in the first place.

She bought it back and is renovating the company by resurrecting her grandad’s original logo and sharing origin stories.

I love reading her LinkedIn posts every morning because they’re such great examples of brand storytelling.

You can also learn her brand-building ways on this week’s edition of the Business of Story podcast.

Three ways to unearth your origin story

  1. Uncover three significant moments that have informed what and who your brand is today and write a short story about each.
  2. Share a time when you decided to go ALL-IN with your business especially as everyone around you thought you were crazy.
  3. Tell us about the significant problem you were/are solving for your customer and why that triggered your curiosity and passion to find the solution.
  4. Help your customers appreciate why you do what you do by taking us to a time when, against all odds, you knew you were on the right path with your career/business.
  5. Do you have a David and Goliath story to share, providing you’re the David?

If you feel like your brand has grown stale, look to its past and dust off the story that made it special in the first place.