If you’re here, chances are you’ve just completed my Story Cycle workshop. Do you remember what the three essential elements are to every story?

I thought so.

To keep what you learned top-of-mind, here are five important resources to help you hone your one true superpower – storytelling.

First, start by watching Simon Sinek’s TEDX presentation: Start with Why – How Great Leaders Inspire Action. All great stories start by understanding and sharing the why of the protagonist, in this case, you.

Then, watch this wonderful short TEDEd video animating Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey called What Makes a Hero? This is one of TEDEd’s most watched and shared videos. You can also learn from its creator, Matthew Winkler. He joined me on this episode of the Business of Story podcast.

trh_the_heros_journey_artwork-2-_wide-3961291f3acc5368e4f0e9d350c786fc522543d7-s1900-c85Next up, listen to this episode of the TED Radio Hour with Guy Raz. He explores the blueprint of the Hero’s Journey using Star Wars as an example. And then he demonstrates how it shows up in our lives through the stories of four amazing guests. This is a fun and enlightening audio program that, once you hear it, you will start seeing the Hero’s Journey appear throughout your life.

My OutsideDo you want to see the results of the Story Cycle in action? Checkout this article on how Adelante Healthcare grew by more than 300% from a local community health center to a national leader in sustainable health care. Or how Goodwill of Central Arizona grew by more than 400% by understanding and sharing their authentic brand story.

Since the Story Cycle is inspired by a universal story structure, I thought you’d find it interesting to experience how it is woven throughout REI’s powerful #OptOutside campaign.  Note, we did not create this campaign, but I sure wish we had.

Since I can’t be standing in your kitchen answering your questions, feel free to use this FREE online Story Cycle tool that will guide you back through this proven process. Each step will share a little theory about story structure, and help you craft your stories. Use it often.

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screen-shot-2016-10-08-at-7-39-51-amAnd finally, now that you can feel that storytelling superpower welling up inside you, put it into action on your brand or the brands of your customers with Your DIY Guide to Craft and Tell Compelling Brand Stories That Sell.

The workbook will take your through the 10 steps of the Story Cycle so that you can immediately apply it to your business and brand.

Plus, the new YouTube series is an inspirational complement to the workbook with 10 short videos that review each step of the Story Cycle. Use the workbook and videos in tandem to create rich and well-defined brand stories. Connect with your audiences like never before and almost magically move them to action.

If you would like more training on how to craft and tell compelling stories that sell, join me every Monday for a new Business of Story podcast. Amazing authors, screen writers, story coaches and consultants, makers, content marketers, sustainability leaders, and digital storytelling specialists show up to share their story tips and techniques.

I’m also available to help you and your team with story strategy and consulting through workshops, seminars and speaking engagements. Or, you can just pick my brain over the telephone or Skype.

Let me know how I can help.

Story on!