Pick a template. Upload an image. Record your voice in snippets. Add music.

Then post your video.

It is that easy with Adobe Voice.

Let’s face it, if content is king, creating content is a bitch. Everyone says no one is reading anymore. You have to regale them with infographics, videos and podcasts. But that is more easily said than done.

Adobe Voice (Kind of a misnomer given that this is a video program) can help bring your stories to life quickly and easily. I created the above video in about two hours. It would’ve taken me longer, but I already had the images from an earlier presentation I posted on SlideShare.

Adobe Voice has a very simple interface. My only ding on the platform is that when you playback your story on a mobile device, you sometimes don’t get the video with audio, or vice versa. They still have a bug or two to work out.
However, this tool is a cool way to quickly produce and share more compelling content than your typical written post.
Check it out in the app store.