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#433: Ch. 10, Ritual: How to Build Repeat Business to Simplify Your Life

#433: Ch. 10, Ritual: How to Build Repeat Business to Simplify Your Life

Great stories scale, meaning they are easily and readily shared.

That’s what Chapter 10 of Brand Bewitchery is all about. Now that you’ve crafted your brand story through the previous nine steps of the proven Story Cycle System,™ how do you best spread it throughout the world?

Your goal is to dramatically increase revenue through new and repeat business through your brand storytelling.

Plus, now you can arm your customers with stories that they can share with their world creating for you the most powerful form of advertising there is: FREE word-of-mouth marketing.

In our last episode of Chapter 9, Victory, I shared one of the learning moments from my mastery course when I showed you the difference between Bill Gates’s and Steve Jobs’s communication styles and how Jobs owned Gates with his storytelling.

Since then, I listened to the famed biographer Walter Isaacson on Lex Fridman’s incredible podcast episode #395 sharing his views on great storytelling. Isaacson has written best-selling biographies on Leonardo Da Vinci, Ben Franklin, Jennifer Doudna, and Steve Jobs. His latest book is called Elon telling Elon Musk’s story.

He is a great example of how a true story well told scales throughout humanity. I highly recommend that you listen to the entire conversation between Lex and Walter.

Let’s review the brand story strategy-building steps that have led up to the 10th and final step of the Story Cycle System™:

  1. BACKSTORY: Define your #1 position in the marketplace that you can own and defend.
  2. HERO: Identify your #1 audience while prioritizing your secondary audiences.
  3. STAKES: Reveal what’s at stake for your #1 audience relative to what they emotionally wish to achieve and physically want to buy to fulfill their wish.
  4. DISRUPTION: Describe what is changing in their world that is shaking them out of the status quo and inspiring them to take action.
  5. ANTAGONISTS: Come to grips with the villains, fog and crevasses that your customers will overcome with your help.
  6. MENTOR: Determine your brand promise, gift and personality as you reveal your unique character archetype that connects with your customers, colleagues and the communities you serve.
  7. JOURNEY: Map the important customer journey steps of brand awareness, adoption and appreciation and which stories you use to propel your audiences along their journey with you.
  8. VICTORY: Plan for the small victories with your customers so that they know they are progressing on their journey with your brand.
  9. MORAL: Declare your brand purpose statement; what you stand for that makes you stand out.

And now, Chapter 10, Ritual: How to build repeat business to simplify your life.


Discussed in this episode:

  1. How to build internal storytelling rituals to build your brand storytelling culture.
  2. The five primal elements of a short story for big impact.
  3. The value of building brand rituals.
  4. The difference between habits, routines and rituals.
  5. How to design the ritual use of your product or service.


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