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#435: Brand Bewitchery Ch. 11 & CH. 12: How to Debut and Scale Your New Brand Story

#435: Brand Bewitchery Ch. 11 & Ch. 12: How to Debut and Scale Your New Brand Story

When you look at the Story Cycle System you’ll notice that it is not a closed loop circle, like the Hero’s Journey.

I view the Story Cycle as a virtuous spiral that expands customer engagement with every revolution from brand awareness, to brand adoption to brand appreciation, when they become repeat customers and happily share your story with their world for the most persuasive form of advertising there is: FREE word-of-mouth marketing as they scale your brand story.

I realized after rereading Brand Bewitchery to you that the Story Cycle System is really like a flywheel, a popular metaphor in the start-up world. The flywheel effect occurs when small wins accumulate over time, creating momentum that keeps your business growing.

You’ve heard the popular truism that people buy from people they know, like and trust.

You and your brand need to become known, even famous, through your focused brand narrative. You must be known and popular to grow your business. That’s the beginning of the brand storytelling flywheel.

Once known you also must be liked. I mean, we know a lot of people and organizations that we don’t necessarily like.

So to become liked, you, your colleagues, your marketing people and your sales team need to know how to effectively share the anecdotes that support your brand story to become even more likable, which speeds up the momentum of your storytelling flywheel.

Now that you’re better known, and grown even more likable by delivering on the promises you make in your storytelling, trust comes easy.

And with trust comes repeat business, life-long customers, and promoters who, as I mentioned earlier, will happily share your story with their world leading to what….? Being even better known, immensely more likable, and the trusted leader in your market…and the virtuous spiral rotates once again.

In this episode, I show you how to activate your brand storytelling flywheel by first developing a coalition of internal storytellers who will help you scale your story to the outside world.

Discussed in this episode:

  1. How to craft your brand story trailer.
  2. How to build a guiding coalition of internal storytellers.
  3. What to consider when updating your website and marketing materials with your new brand story.


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