Storytelling with your brand, business or in your presentations lets people into your world

Russell Goldstein, CFP®, CAP®
Institutional Client Advisor at U.S. Trust, Bank of America

I present Business of Story workshops around the world, and I teach sustainable storytelling in the Executive Masters of Sustainability Leadership (EMSL) program at Arizona State University.

But, I’m always saddened when I encounter executives who think storytelling in business is a “soft skill.”

They call storytelling a gimmick. Time waster. Fluff.

It makes them uncomfortable.

Are you one of them?

Or do you have to battle a boss who is a story curmudgeon?

If so, check out this unsolicited note I received this morning from Russell Goldstein, an Institutional Client Advisor at U.S. Trust, Bank of America, and a master’s candidate in our EMSL course.

Russ has learned that not using storytelling in your business is like having a big ‘ol bonus check in your top desk drawer waiting to be cashed.


A couple of weeks ago I presented to about 80 people at the monthly meeting for the Planned Giving Roundtable. 

Below is a snapshot of the reviews from the SurveyMonkey they send out after the presentation.

I thought you would  enjoy the comments below and to know that I am taking your lessons to heart and implementing them every day. They are absolutely making a difference. 

As we get closer to the end of EMSL I just wanted to pause for a moment and thank you, Kevin, George and Bruno for your time and wisdom (Ackoff- Ha Ha).  I continually learn and grow so much because of EMSL.  

This program is priceless!!!

storytelling for business
If you want to truly own any room, try spicing up your presentations with real stories well told. I promise you, your Powerpoints won’t stink anymore.

I can help you, too. We offer workshops to clarify your story, create killer presentations, and make your sales and marketing immensely more powerful. Or you can do it yourself with our 64-page workbook complete with short and sweet explainer videos.

Either way, do something. Anything! To re-ignite within you the one true superpower well all possess – storytelling – and start nudging the world in any direction you choose.

Look at how superhuman it’s made Russ.

Story on!