I have a gift for you. Give me just five minutes of your day – right now – and I’ll take you on one of the most restive, yet inspirational, boat rides of your life. I shot this on a GoPro HD camera while water fowling with my brothers, Chris and Mike, on Potholes Reservoir. I know, the name belies its beauty, until you consider its near Moses Lake, Washington. Though, I doubt even Moses could’ve summoned such a celestial treat.

Fade into Sunset from ParkHowell.com on Vimeo.

We were incredibly blessed to have the sun set on our day as a Monet painting, and I wanted to share it with you during these hectic holidays. Now, you can re-gift it to someone you know who might need to slow their pace and receive some grace in their day

Feel free to return often.

Happy Holidays!