I’ve been putting off writing this post for a long time. The resistance has been strong. But given that it’s a new year, and all of our resolutions are on the table, the time is now to tell you about “The War of Art.”

Steven Pressfield’s book about breaking through the blocks and winning your inner creative battles explores our self-doubt, procrastination and laziness that is the holy trinity of resistance.

No matter what profession you’re in, it’s the artist within each and everyone of us that unlocks our success. “The War of Art” examines resistance in bite-sized one- and two-page chunks exploring all of the ways we thwart ourselves, primarly out of fear of success and failure.

Despite the topic, this is a fun read, written by a fabulous screenwriter and author, that should be stuffed in everyone’s brief case and revisited often for quick refreshers on how to cross the finish line with every endeavor we set  into motion.