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The confidence of owning your business story

Last June, I shared the business storytelling stage with my friend Bryan Adams of PH Creative in Liverpool, England. Bryan and I co-hosted two workshops in his hometown and one in London.

Here is a note I just received from Calum Kilgour, Director of SlingShot Guru, a sales professional who attended our London program. It’s just too good of a story not to share, with Calum’s permission, of course.

Calum Kilgour, Director SlinkShot Guru

Calum Kilgour, Director SlingShot Guru

Dear Park and Bryan,

You really have done this!

I’m so glad I came along to your and Bryan’s story workshop in London in July.

You might recall that I was having palpitations, cold sweats and pre-traumatic stress because I had a keynote presentation coming up in Nashville to 2,000 people.

What I didn’t know at the time was that the format was to change.  Instead of one Keynote, I was to deliver  4 Keynotes to 4X 500 people!

Which meant  I then had 4 chances to die in front of, or as my mind was telling me, at the hands of 4 different blood thirsty crowds.

Well, I’ve done them now.  And I’m please to report I’m not dead.

I got a standing ovation at all four!

I used the techniques I learned from Michael Port’s book Steal the Show to make sure I did get a standing ovation.    Thank for introducing me to him in your podcast!  I got laughs.  I used some suggestions from your podcast guest Erik Deckers. Another big influencer was Olivia Fox Cabane who wrote The Chrisma Myth. She really helped me care and connect with the people in the audience – (I’m sure she would be a great guest for your podcast.)

And of course I didn’t really do a keynote where I was some sort of hero – all I did was tell some stories that my audience really did identify with.

So Park and Bryan thank you so much for making my journey fun, exciting, scary and rewarding.

Now I tell everyone I meet to listen to your Podcasts!  Please keep doing them.


Calum Kilgour, Director www.slingshotguru.com

PS Your archetypes ladies have helped me rebrand my company from SlingshotGuru (don’t like) to Slingshot Edge. (Like!)

If you have a story like Calum’s please share below in the comments.

Story on!