Want to capture the world and land your dream gig? Here’s how you use creative storytelling to express your authentic personal brand in your professional resume.

Just now, our youngest son, Caedon, sent me his resume to print on our color printer.

I didn’t really want to be bothered with it, so I had him download the print driver and do it himself.

“It’s good to be self-sufficient,” I coached.

Then, OMG, I opened his resume PDF. And I found the absolute best story that captures Caed’s authentic personal brand.

It’s so good, I can’t even describe it.

Better to show you.

Resume | Caedon Howell

Resume | Caedon Howell

Resume | Caedon Howell Resume | Caedon Howell

So I asked Caed, what does this say about you?

“You’re much more likely to get a job if you move beyond the black & white list of reasons you should be hired and surprise them with your personality,” he said.

“I want to demonstrate that I’m not just a drone coming in to get a paycheck and leave.”

As is portrayed, Caed is a Magic: The Gathering master. He created his resume brilliantly by going to MTGCardSmith.com, where you can build your own magic cards. But in this case, Caed conjured his story.

5 Components To Create A Storytelling-Based Resume

Here’s what I think Cæd’s resume does well:

  • The Main Character – Creatively define who you are
  • Setting – Describe your experience and how it directly relates to the position at hand 
  • Conflict – Describe your superpowers when it comes to managing challenging situations or villains and how your employer will benefit
  • Plot – Show how you can enchant customers or bring creative wizardry to the organization 
  • Resolution – Summarize the innate talents you can bring to the organization and how you’ll make a huge impact

Ultimately, Caed is pursuing his music career as a DJ and electronic dance music (EDM) producer. He has even found a creative way to brand his unique name by spelling it “Cæd,” using the ash symbol. You can land in his world at caedon.world, which will soon feature video from his gigs and his original music.

As his proud pop, it’s fun to see Cæd’s story coming together.

If you’re looking for a creative sales wizard with an innate ability to express himself and your product or service, contact Cæd at Caedon@caedon.world.

Story on!