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I think Maslow created the “Designed by Apple in California” campaign

Apple doesn’t sell what it does. Apple sells what it does FOR YOU. Big difference.  It tells stories that tap your emotions and enlighten your view of the brand’s place in your world. In this beautiful campaign that launched last night, Apple shares the thoughts and emotions that go into creating each of its products. It doesn’t sell features and benefits. I think Apple’s story is told directly from atop the pyramid of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: Self-actualization – Pursue…

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How Steve Jobs is greening the planet from the grave

Since his passing, everyone has focused on what Steve Jobs seemingly single-handedly achieved at Apple. Sure he was a brilliant heavy-handed tech entrepreneur. But what hasn’t been talked about much are all of the people he educated, motivated and inspired within Apple who are now innovating in their next lives outside of Apple. Matt Rogers, Founder & VP of Engineering for Nest, the creators of the learning thermostat, is one example. He has created a thermostat that learns from you,…


From Cow Fart Carbon Footprints, to the Gorgeously Green Survival Guide, Plus 14 Other Green iPhone Apps

Someone just asked me if I was going to race over and buy the new iPhone 3G S today. I said, “No, not until I drive off with my current iPhone on the roof of my car…again.” But I still have to celebrate Apple’s relentless pursuit of excellence and mark today’s launch with an exploration of perhaps iPhone’s most intriguing innovations: “Green apps.” From the silly, to the almost useful; here’s what I found. Green Light $0.99 There are plenty…

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