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Follow the Frog

How a frog can save a forest with storytelling

One of the great challenges in sustainable storytelling is that brands and causes don’t take the time to understand their audiences in a Godlike way. Their stories don’t resonate because they are too often told from the brand’s or cause’s perspective, rather than  from the world view shared by their audiences. The Rainforest Alliance’s “Follow the Frog” entertaining story is the hysterical exception. But hysterical for all of the right reasons. It is a sustainable story that clearly places the viewer…

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The art and science of sustainable storytelling

The trouble with climate change is that it doesn’t mean much to most folks. Is our planet warming naturally, or is humankind being less kind to mother Earth than we should be? We typically approach these stories with stats and facts, when, as the following documentary proves, pictures are worth a 1,000 words to help us comprehend the impact of global warming. Last night, I watched the most compelling documentary yet about the effects of climate change (man-made or not)…


A Little Girl Asks, “What Are We Thinking?” In Powerful Global Warming Video

Produced by The Big Ask, this is one of the most powerful videos on global warming I’ve seen.  Not only is the production value incredible, the use of the girl narrator should make all adults think a little harder about what we’re doing to our planet…”Their” planet, really.  At least I hope it will. The Big Ask The Big Ask campaign brings together people from 18 countries, all with the same big ask -That their governments commit to reduce carbon…

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