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Why water conservation may be the next big thing for corporate social responsibility

Will your water rates rise like a gallon of ethanol at your corner Chevron? Probably not. And that’s why Americans seem to be apathetic about water conservation. Many experts argue that until we hit them in the wallet, they’ll keep wasting water. So how do you get consumers’ attention about the pending water crisis that is barreling down on us like an Arizona haboob? You get them to live and breathe it. Companies and initiatives like American Standard’s Responsible Bathroom,…

Tiffany Franquemont, MIZZOU Account Service Apprentice

Five Ways Green Marketers Can Nudge People Into Recycling

The problem with summer almost being over is we lose our talented (and probably under paid) interns to school.  So I asked Tiffany Franquemont, our resident account service apprentice from the the University of Missouri, to research and write a post about what green marketers need to know in getting people to recycle.  The bottom line: It HAS to be convenient. Here’s Tiffany… For a few days now, I’ve been searching Google trying to find companies that encourage recycling and…

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