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Why are Luxury Brands Like Chanel and Versace Embracing Green Marketing? Do You Still Think it’s a Fad?

Many of the world’s best-known luxury labels are starting to introduce eco-friendly products. They’re trumpeting their social responsibility and embracing Mother Nature in their advertising.  To add kindling to their environmental fire is a recent study from Cone Consumer Environmental that found: 35 percent of Americans have higher interest in the environment today than they did one year ago; 35 percent of Americans have higher expectations for companies to make and sell environmentally responsible products and services during the economic…

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You Don’t Have To Be A Green Marketer To Green Your Marketing.

“How To Reduce Your Carbon & Hype Footprints” Presentation Is Now Available On SlideShare Are you trying to get the attention of the Millennial generation (ages 13 – 29)? If so, did you know that 76% of this powerful market feels that it’s important or very important for brands to get involved in the green movement, according to a recent study by Generate Insight? What about other consumer segments, like the LOHAS, Naturalites and Drifters? What are their sensibilities and…


How To Create Brilliant Sustainable Creative with Limited Resources

It doesn’t take a lot of financial and physical resources to do really brilliant creative work. “Green” creatives, advertisers and marketers need to learn this lesson sooner than later. For a bit of inspiration, I share with you this remarkable design competition that took place about this time last year at the  Hirshorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington D.C., where artists could only use a single sheet of white paper for their entry. Be inspired by all of the…

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