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The Importance of Triggers in Your Green Marketing

This post originally appeared on the the Water – Use It Wisely blog. Let’s face it, none of us in conservation has the marketing budget of Budweiser.  Sure, beer is more fun than water.  But if you had your druthers on a desert island, which would you choose for survival?  Most of us would presumably choose water, unless of course you’re not long for this world and you want to go out like Homer Simpson. In the “highly romantic,” and…


Nestle Waters Should be Sending Some Chocolates Over their Sustainability Snafu.

As Fast Company magazine put it, “This should go down in the annals of bad sustainability marketing.” Nestle Waters threatened to sue Miami-Dade County in Florida because the county aired a public service radio campaign that said their water was cheaper and safer than bottled water.  The magazine equated Nestle suing a public water department to a McDonald’s Play-Place suing the city parks department.  Insightful PR work like this can garner you all kinds of attention, including landing Nestle Waters…

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