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11 Ways to Easily Opt-Out of Wasteful Stuff and Happily Green Your Life

Readers loved the post on how to opt-out of receiving wasteful White & Yellow Pages phone directories so much, I thought I’d follow-up with a few more ways you can easily green your life and unclutter your living right from your desktop. Opt-out of junk mail: Opt-out of plastic bottles: KOR ONE Hydration Opt-out of  plastic bags: Opt-out of unsolicited calls: National Do Not Call Registry Opt-out of catalgoues: Opt-out of receiving phone directories: Opt-in to…


100+ Websites All About Green Living

I came across Cameron Chapman’s blog where she compiled more than 100 terrific websites for ways to live green. I’m sharing this with you as much as I’m archiving it for my own use, because Cameron has done an incredible job of researching these resources.  AND, she’s only missing one of the most important water conservation sites out there: Water – Use It Wisely. In the interest of full disclosure, we launched the Water – Use It Wisely campaign in…