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10 Ways A Green Pizza Box Can Make Your Marketing Appear More Sustainable

Introducing the first “21st century” green pizza box that’s eco-friendly (patent #7051919). With innovation like this, perhaps the guys at Eco Incorporated should take over GM.  Here’s 10 marketing ideas on how some “eco-conscious” companies might leverage the ingenuity behind the green pizza box for their sustainability campaigns. United Auto Workers could co-brand boxes with Sharpie to offer laid off Chrysler employees convenient “Will Work for Food” signs. Gatorade could sponsor “Whats for Snack?” promotion at little league baseball games…


What Retailers can Learn from Goodwill Industries about Green Retailing

Green retailing is the focus of this week’s National Retail Federation’s annual convention and expo in New York. An article in Silicon Valley’s Mercury News describes the new trend towards greener retailing to lure back reluctant shoppers. Retailers and experts from around the world are expected to discuss how merchants can alter their impact on the environment, practice sustainability, the future of green stores and “greentailing” in a challenging economy. Goodwill Industries, since its beginning over 100 years ago, has…

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