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The most ingenious use of recycled stuff is found at the annual Maker Faire

Build, craft, hack, play, make. An apt description for the annual Maker Faire. If you’re ever looking for a creative and a curiously inspirational weekend getaway to the Bay area, then I highly recommend this event on May 30 & 31 at the San Mateo Fair Grounds. My good friend Paul Herrick, who is a “Maker” in his own right, invited me and my boys to join him and his nephew two springs ago for the faire. It’s filled with…


Green Goods from Recycled Inner Tubes, Billboard Vinyl, Fire Hose & Yacht Sails

Ok, so since it’s already Christmas eve, you might consider these green gifts for your New Years resolution.  These are some of the coolest green items going.  Like handbags created from bicycle inner tubes, portfolios from old Coca Cola billboard vinyl,  messenger totes from recycled fire hose, and bags from yacht sails. is filled with these hip and handy items created from the oddest stuff, which keeps the castaway material out of landfills. To date, the company’s site reports…