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Head in Hands

Influence: 6 proven ways to get to “YES”

“What in the hell was I thinking?” How many times have you asked yourself this following a less-than-spectacular decision, especially at the ass end of a dumb purchase? Instead of being a willing buyer, you were probably subconsciously manhandled and you didn’t suspect a thing. Many experts in the art of influence, like Arizona State University professor, Robert B. Cialdini, Ph.D, a self-proclaimed patsy, suggest we are more susceptible now than ever to slight-of-hand salesmanship. Content is the culprit. Or more…


What I Learned Peddling a Bike

Life as an entrepreneur started for me in front of the TV set in 1972 in Woodinville, Washington.  I was watching the Coyote Roadrunner Hour when my dad interrupted my Saturday morning ritual to entrust me with the sale of my sister Melody’s blue Schwinn bike.  She had graduated to riding horses.  Being the only girl of seven kids, none of us boys would be caught dead on it.  With that many siblings, our parents were constantly on the run…

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