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Disney’s Kingdom Doesn’t Seem so Magical for Green Brand Ideal Bite

You should’ve seen her repulse when the site came up. It was as if she had just taken a big bite out of Sleeping Beauty’s poisonous green apple. This all happened in Fort Worth, Texas. I was there last week running a social media workshop for the wonderful folks at the Tarrant Regional Water District, and the cities of Plano, Frisco and Denton. We were online sharing websites that have been doing a good job of telling compelling stories about…

What story can you tell about this cat, kid and goldfish?

Everything I Know About Social Media I Learned in Kindergarten

I’ve been at this social media thing for two years now. Just moving into the first grade. Yes, I had to repeat SM kindergarten. I find it’s as finicky as a five-year-old. The “experts” through their blogs, ebooks and Slideshares, have been trying to teach me the trending. The numbers. Why you’re supposed to have a gajillion followers on Twitter or you’re not cool on the playground. How to game the AdAge 150 ranking. What I’m supposed to be posting…


You Can Build A Tribe For Your Green Cause: Seth Godin At TED Conference

Are you ready to be disruptive and commit to creating a sustainable cause? Seth Godin’s recent talk at the TED Conference is sure to motivate you to do just that. It’s the best 17 minutes you’ll spend today (or over the long weekend) to help focus your green efforts. Here’s what all tribal leaders have in common: They challenge the status quo They build a culture, “A 7-second handshake” They connect people Leaders have charisma, but you don’t have to…

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