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How to Save the World with Beer, Music and Other Great Media

Have you seen the work have been doing on communicating simple things you can do in five minutes to make the planet healthier? I give them an A- for terrific green marketing & messaging (They’d have an A+ if they’d update their blog more often) Friends and co-founders, Sam Davidson and Stephen Moseley, created the site to educate on and demonstrate the myriad of little, easy things we can all do to make a big overall difference. And they’ve…


The BBC’s Ethical Man is Coming to America to Curb Global Warming, and He Needs Your Help!

The BBC asked its correspondent Justin Rowlatt, “Ethical Man,” to make his family as carbon neutral as possible for one year.  In the process, the now green Rowlatts offset nearly 20 percent of their carbon producing ways. The idea of the project was to see what we can all do as individuals to curb greenhouse gas emissions and curb global warming. Rowlatt and his wife say that it was an astonishingly small amount of carbon, about two tons, for the…