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The Best Social Media Strategy for Green Marketers is to Tell Better Stories First

…And now, the rest of the story. Yesterday, I wrote about my adventure last year trekking through social media. What I’ve arrived at today is that sustainability officers and green marketers need to concentrate on telling compelling and authentic stories first, then create a social media strategy to share their sustainable stories with the world. Case in point:  Scott Harrison of Charity Water. He not only works the camera well, Scott’s entire organization and on-line presence is all about helping…


Is Your Brand a Sapling or a Redwood?

Is your marketing and advertising sustainable? In many minds, sustainability has come to mean “environmentally conscious,” “eco-friendly” and other euphemisms associated with greening our planet. I don’t mean just “green.” By sustainable, I’m talking about life or death. When we ask if your marketing is sustainable, we’re asking if it gives you an unfair advantage in the marketplace, while bolstering your triple bottom line of people, planet and profit? There are many antagonists to creating a sustainable strategy. These include…

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