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10 screenwriting tips every brand storyteller should know

Learn from legendary screenwriting coach, Robert McKee, how to become a better business communicator on the current episode of Business of Story podcast. Three years ago I spent four days in a dark and freezing Sheraton LAX ballroom with Robert McKee. “If your cell phone goes off during my seminar, you will come up here to my stage and give me $10 in front of all of your screenwriting pals. If it goes off a second time, you’re kicked out. Because…

The Arizona website features Google maps to direct you to your nearest nursery. Click on the image to see the map

The 5 ingredients that help green marketing campaigns grow organically

Don’t just stand there. Plant something! That’s the idea seedling we plant, fertilize and grow with the Plant Something campaign to encourage homeowners to beautify their landscapes and neighborhoods. As you might imagine, the recession has significantly pruned sales in the landscape industry. The Plant Something campaign reminds homeowners that investing in plants, shrubs and trees is not only good for your soul, but it will help reduce energy bills and increase the value of your property. The tendrils of…


Does Banksy know that he just designed me a new logo?

My son, Caed, just sent me this image from phantom street artist, Banksy. It pretty much sums up what I’ve been writing about relative to green marketing and sustainability going on three years now… …especially on the heels of a post I wrote last year about a new airport parking lot that had the opportunity to stand for much more than paving the desert, clogging the freeways, and darkening our skies. My premise is that opportunities to be – and educate…

Ballet Dancer

The Route to Success for Phoenix Metro Light Rail’s New Creative Campaign

Phoenix Metro Light Rail left the station for the first time around this time last year. It was one of the most successful light rail launches in the country, with more than 200,000 people flooding the 28 new stations along the 20-mile route. Although we can’t lay claim to Metro’s overall success, we are proud to have played an instrumental role in its branding: “Your Life on Track.” Now we have a new campaign hitting the streets. I’ve asked our…


Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking Rock in “A Glorious Dawn:” Astrophysics in 4/4 Time.

Melodysheep created this ethereal musical tribute to two rock stars of the universe: Carl Sagan and cosmologist companion Stephen Hawking. What’s really cool is that almost all of the samples for the track were taken from Sagan’s Comos and Hawking’s Universe series. What’s the point for your green marketing and sustainability messages? Think outside of the wormhole and get creative in how you talk about heady stuff. You’ll appeal to the common physicist in all of us.

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