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Green Social Media Isn’t Just About Being Online.

So I asked Ryan, our word-of-mouth marketing guru, to comment on my blog: “How Tom’s of Maine Can Flex it’s Green Leadership Through Social Media.” Man-o-man, did I open up a can-o-worms.  Here’s Ryan’s response. I didn’t exactly want to take off my shoes and hurl them at his head, but I did have to bring up something that always fires me up – SOCIAL MEDIA ISN’T ALL ONLINE. A big part of my job is word of mouth marketing. …


How Tom’s of Maine Can Flex its Green Leadership Through Social Media

I’m guessing Tom’s of Maine has a world-wide cathedral of evangelists (at least in North America, Ireland and the UK).  That’s why I’m curious about their lack of a social media footprint?  You can “join their community” by signing up for a newsletter; but an enewsletter does not a community make. It’s sort of like the mud room adjacent to an enormous clubhouse. “Come on in, hand me your coat, take your shoes off,  and sit out here while we…

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