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CMOs, Here are 21 Uses of Twitter for Sustainable Green Business

I just came across this great list from Forbes Magazine featuring the 21 ways green businesses can you use Twitter. Ok, they were just talking about business in general. But all of the same tactics apply for you sustainability officers and green marketers. Coupon Campaigns: Tweet a coupon for your green product or service in 140 characters or less. To-Go Sales Channel: Let your preferred customers Tweet their orders to you so they’re ready for pick-up. Viral Marketing: Use hashtags…


4 Reasons Why Twitter is not Elephant Crap

Just as I was defending Twitter this morning for being an excellent resource for expert information, I opened my email to learn that elephantpoopaper was now following me. That’s right, a company that specializes in stationary pressed from pachyderm dung felt compelled to follow me on Twitter. The credibility of my argument just went down the crapper. It all started from a blog our WOM guru posted yesterday about the viability of Twitter as a resource for so-called experts to…

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