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Seven ways to tell sustainable stories for green marketers

You can now listen to Wednesday’s, “Your Triple Bottom Line” show I shared my green marketing ideas on “Sustainable Storytelling” over the airwaves as a guest on the radio show, “Your Triple Bottom Line.” Show hosts Angelo Fernando and Derrick Mains, CEO of Green Nurture, and I announced the launch of a unique partnership between and the Water – Use It Wisely conservation campaign. We discussed proven ways to engage your employees through sustainable storytelling, coupled with the Green…

Derrick Mains, CEO of

Have They Really Found a Way to Monetize Social Media AND Save the Planet?

The guy is built on hummus. He radiates enthusiasm. His perpetual energy is apparently generated from his drive for sustainability. Derrick’s imposing, but gracious, presence lit up the patio at Pita Jungle yesterday as we met for the first time over lunch. Derrick Mains isn’t just an inspired green CEO. He’s a movement. And his mission manifests itself through a new website, although “website” is really too shallow a term for his project. GreenNuture is a first-of-its-kind combination of…

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